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Great Conversations start with BizSimplicity Storyboards

Concise, informative, visually compelling and intensely local, a Storyboard works equally well for you and for your important conversations with clients and prospects alike.

A Storyboard prepared for you, a client or a prospect – uniquely equips you to start a discussion about:

  • The boundaries of their real Defined Local Market
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Key attributes of their target audiences
  • What works for messaging—and what doesn’t
  • Competitors
  • Recommended actions

Run a Storyboard for yourself for just $59. Add a client for $40–just $99 total. That saves 17%.

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"In a period of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners are going to be the people who can learn faster than the rate of change and faster than their competition."

-- American Institute of CPAs.

In 3 steps get local answers, not a headache

We’re easy by design. No software to learn, no spreadsheets to decipher and no consultants to arm wrestle.

ID your location

Enter your business location – or a location you’re evaluating.

Confirm your business type.

Confirm your business category – financial planner, coffee shop or florist, for example.

Get your local market edge.

We deliver insights and recommendations specific to your location and business category.

Miss this 1 question and your marketing won’t matter:

The key question – what people fit my business? – is where we start. We instantly give you the facts, insights and actions best for you.

Miners move 6 tons of dirt to find 1 ounce of gold. Translation: We do the dirty work. You get the nuggets.

There are tons of data – and more available every day – but most of it doesn’t matter. However, the right data wisely applied supports essential actions that improve business results.

Learn essential attributes of 1 market: yours.

We find and analyze millions of data points, and deliver knowledge specific to where you are and what you do. All statistics compiled for the estimated trade area within a 5-minute, 10-minute and 15-minute drive of your ZIP code.

Never miss the .005% that gives you the edge.

Avoid wasting time and money – and get only the essential insights specific to your home market – by signing up with BizSimplicity. BizSimplicity sources and analyzes millions of data elements – and only picks what is relevant to your specific business type and location to inform and advise you about people, advertising, competitors, market potential and attributes.