A location-unique iPhone/iPad app designed for accountants, advisors and bookkeepers to know their home market


Democratizing Data for the Local Advisory Firm

Data built around your local business

Designed specifically for local advisory professionals that don’t have “big company” teams, budgets, marketing expertise or time

Market Opportunity

Your advisory market opportunity within minutes of any office, co-work space or coffee shop

Easy to use

Simple to use -- no installs, training, webinars or headaches

Instant Data Access

Instant search of unlimited number of unique locations

Local Insights

Easy-to-understand insights: potential, people, personality, prosperity, place



Everything in one place

At-a-glance, It’s wonderful

Inspiring, easy to use.


We provide local market knowledge and insights to small business to enable better decision making and competitive advantage

We know data

The founders have worked with consumer data while at enterprise data companies with some of the worlds biggest brands. We understand how to best apply data to people, problems and solutions.

Transformative Insights

Our customers don’t want to purchase data, manage data or spend time interpreting data. We provide transformative insights using data and define go-to-market value.

Local Market Strategy

BizSimplicity is founded on helping our customers grow their businesses. That starts with a strong local market strategy. We firmly believe in serving local market strategy


About You


You’re the owner-manager player-coach dreamer-doer. You work by yourself or maybe with a few colleagues. You work near where you live, maybe even where you live. Your office is a desk, couch, coffee shop, home office, kitchen table, spare bedroom, or business suite.  


You’re in on every part of your business, from day-to-day operations and making all the decisions, to managing the finances, choosing apps and gaining customers. You value flexible hours and alternative work options, which is a roundabout way of affirming you work crazy hours. You have vision and passion—hints of idealism. Yet you also have practiced grit: courage, resolve, strength of character, dreams. You deliver great work. You’re acutely short of time. Through work you create lift, not just valuable services or products.


In your neighborhood you contribute income, wealth, guidance and upward mobility across racial, ethnic, geographic, age and gender lines. Academics and economists calculate that your work has “positive social impacts.” People who know you net it all down: goodness.


You are our dream client.

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